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About Kazzi Logistics International Limited

Our major function remains to unlock wealth through collaborating with companies/business/ individuals to deliver leading support and services in Logistics business. It is this objective, which makes us unique in that we become part of your needs by addressing the support and operational issues around your business for growth.

Kazzi Logistics International LTD is a general logistics business support and international company incorporated in East Africa. Our business office is located in, Kampala City, Nateete trading center, Prime Village Mall, 3rd Floor Room E10 on Masaka Highway.  This is a bulky mechanized highway for long route for Goods in transit to DRC Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, and all West further of Africa from Mombasa Port through Uganda distributing general merchandise to most trade Centers and cities in Africa. 

We a truly unique logistics business partner, with a single processing center for local shipments and inquiries. Local representation by more than 15 customer service centers strategically located along the Ports of Indian and Atlantic Ocean, East African inbound and outbound border points and at major trade routes in East African states of entry to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Trade Mission

At Kazzi Logistics International,  We Coordinate and organize  overseas and local  Business visits  for Businessmen, Corporation Representatives, Companies, Manufacturers, Performing Artists or a group of business executives to meet potential buyers or agents in Africa.

We carry on initial market research for Businessmen, Producers, industries, Manufacturers, Unions/ groups or trade associations anywhere in Africa.