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Logistics Services

  • Transport

    Kazzi Logistics International Limited can help you reduce transportation costs, increase efficiencies and improve your business levels. Through our network, we can manage all aspects of Transport from pick-up to delivery through a wide array of transportation service Units; Truckload, Van or flatbed, Air and Ocean. 

  • Shipping

    Since this is the lifeblood of the world economy, carrying 90% of international trade with 150,000 world-wide commercial ships we readily handle all shipments to and from Mogadishu Port, Mombasa Port, Dar es salaam Port, Durban Port and many ports around the South African ocean lines.

  • Airfreight Business

    At Kazzi Logistics International, We are aware that world transport by volume is done  by airlines, it amounts to huge percentage of the value. Time has showed us that Airline freight Business has become more lucrative to invest in or Partner with leading Airlines.

  • Logistics Management

    We identify all activities that will be involved in providing needed logistical support for your business. We integrate tasks and solutions required of each activity into a comprehensive logistics plan in support

  • Logistics Support Activities

    These include, but are not limited to determination of your detailed requirements, within available or allocated request time for our Services, Resources, Facilities, Equipment and Units.

  • Relocating Services

    Loading and unloading your home or office equipments can be tough. That's why we've teamed up with the leading service providers countrywide to offer friendly, professional service at a great affordable price.

  • Telecommunication Services

    We provide support to FIBER OPTIC CABLE (FOC) Infrastructure development companies through surveillance and maintenance on Telecommunication networks. We extend FOC to homes, towns, cities and major built entries. We widen the scope of operation of Telecommunication sectors in Africa as the technological force that drives social networks, banking, commercial activities, trade, manufacturing, education, et cetera. We have the top notch technical team that has been hired by the biggest FOC developers in East African region.