Your fast logistics support and service provider

What We Do

  • Supply and Procurement

    We buy and secure goods and services for Companies, individuals, corporations and small enterprises. We handle preparation and processing of any demand of procurement, services. 

    Our team and office is involved in purchase planning, standards determination, specifications development, supplier research for clients and financing, price negotiation, making the purchase, supply contract administration, inventory control and stores and disposals and other related customer needs.

  • Support Services

    We deal in Import and Export of goods and services, Business Development and Management services, Financial support to small business/ enterprises, Worldwide Transport, Procurement and Supply of goods, Marketing products/services, Distributors of Goods/Products/services and Agents to Investors/Corporations/ Manufacturers/et cetera.

  • Business Management Services

    We entirely provide management over the flow of goods, products, services, and materials between points of origin to end-use destination. KAZZI LOGISTICS INT. LTD often handles shipping, inventory, Warehousing, inland transportation, packaging, and security functions for shipments. We run into details of identifying and executing agreements with potential new customers, collaborating with other companies to deliver product to customers or securing preferential procurement and supplier arrangements.

  • Foreign Trading Services

    Export services 

    At KAZZI LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL LTD we handle export operations for  business people, local traders, seasonal traders, local  enterprises that want to sell their products overseas or to wider markets in Africa but don’t have operational centers or points of contact for selling their products in other countries.

    Our International Team identifies what buyers and markets demand then our Business Office finds local producers/products/goods/services on standard and ready for export. 

  • Marketing and Promotions


    We entirely provide marketing services on a short and long term basis small and large corporations, new products and services either manufactured/produced locally or foreign.

    We make your sales easier.

    Our  spot on and direct Marketing details related to forward-looking business strategies to understand customer needs, which help consumers/customers  identify new and improved products/services or goods.

    We have Outdoor Marketing Units and a various range of options that can suit your business or need.

  • Distributors and Agents

    Agent and Merchant Service

    We are a company that buys your product and sell it to a retailer or wholesalers for further distribution until it gets to the end user. This boosts your output and profits margin.

    Since we are in international business dealers, we are capable to make bulky purchases of goods directly from local and foreign producers or manufacturers. As business people, we carry on a full responsibility as salespersons for your products, goods, and services from your point of Manufacturing to sale points and search new markets.