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Business Management Services

We entirely provide management over the flow of goods, products, services, and materials between points of origin to end-use destination. KAZZI LOGISTICS INT. LTD often handles shipping, inventory, Warehousing, inland transportation, packaging, and security functions for shipments. We run into details of identifying and executing agreements with potential new customers, collaborating with other companies to deliver product to customers or securing preferential procurement and supplier arrangements.

We tailor our business time and funds to help you target opportunities that are available and appropriate for your enterprise/ business/marketplace. Our management focus is on new business and Income generating Activities.

In general, we support, manage and develop your Income generating activity from the level you least expected to a large business. If your Business is hardly winning over big new Markets and target customers, its finding it hard to create awareness for your products, services or goods to world market or new customer base, reach our Business Development Team.

Our Business Development Services

  • Management of business basics
  • Electronic and visual Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Collecting rent
  • Handling utility bills etc
  • Maintenance to Property
  • Control Assets
  • Uplift structures, et cetera.
  • Writing Technical and commercial data for International solicitations/ Bids
  • Subcontracting 
  • New business setup, processing legal status of new businesses both local and foreign companies and also developing company articles of association
  • Secure, Identify or buy land or location suiting your business in Africa.
  • Acquire legal status for your foreign investments in Africa.
  • Provide Monitoring and Evaluation of income projects for individuals, agencies, governments, companies and any other party