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Foreign Trading Services

Export services 

At KAZZI LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL LTD we handle export operations for  business people, local traders, seasonal traders, local  enterprises that want to sell their products overseas or to wider markets in Africa but don’t have operational centers or points of contact for selling their products in other countries.

Our International Team identifies what buyers and markets demand then our Business Office finds local producers/products/goods/services on standard and ready for export. 

Export service Team

Provides transport of your goods to other countries 

Distributes and promotes your products.

Represents service providers/producers/manufacturers in other foreign countries. Advertises in foreign media your products and services.

Markets and sales fresh and processed local products/ goods/services.

Handles and organizes International Trade promotions.

Oversees product marking and packaging

Arranges air and sea shipping

Finances locally produced goods and services especially products like foods and beverages either fresh or processed.